Alghero Old Town

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A caffé in Alghero learn Italian

Learn Italian through a balance of study and leisure

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Hiking in Alghero, sports in Sardinia

Exercise your body,
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Sardinia has space, countryside and sea.

Sardinia has space
for the soul to roam

Settle in Sardinia
I travelled across the sea to a land of ancient civilizations, and I felt its hidden magic unfold around me.

Italian Language and Culture Courses

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Pintadera Italian language class

Learning with Pintadera is inspiring

English may be the language everyone needs to know, but Italian is the language people want to learn.

Our teachers are energetic university graduates, chosen for their teaching ability as well as their engaging personality.

At Pintadera, we assure you an immersive experience that tantalizes all your senses, fostering a creative and enjoyable approach to learning. Here, you'll taste, savor, and breathe the language. Our objective is to provide teaching in a pleasant and stimulating context through a balanced combination of study and leisure.


"Lingua" group course

The heart of Pintadera’s Italian program is the Lingua standard group language course with maximum 8 students per class and lessons taking place in the morning between 9 and 13:00.  More
AllegraMente Italian language course at Pintadera takes language out of the classroom and onto the streets of Alghero

AllegraMente holiday course

This dynamic course is for holidaymakers who crave a deeper understanding of Alghero while acquiring an introduction to the Italian language.  More
Certificato CILS Centro d'esame Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera Sardinia

CILS preparation course

Centro Mediterrraneo Pintadera is officially authorized by the University of Siena as an exam center for the CILS certificate and we offer an effective preparation package.  More

Teen summer camp

Pintadera’s program distinguishes itself from others of its kind because our students stay with carefully chosen local families with kids the same age.  More

About us and the area

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Alghero old town

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

The Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera is a small Italian language school founded in 2004 and located in a quiet picturesque alley in the old town of Alghero in Sardinia. The school is run by two women, one from Alghero and the other, a native of Berlin with a diverse international background.

Every course, be it language or culturally-orientated, involves organized activities exploring the Sardinian way of life including discovering at first hand local customs, traditions, food and wine.


Bastioni Marco Polo Alghero old town


Alghero, considered by many to be the most fascinating town on the island, is situated on the northwest “Coral Coast” of Sardinia. The town was founded by the Genoese Doria family during the first half of the 12th century.  More


Sardinia is an island of extraordinary beauty. It lies in the heart of the Mediterranean off the west coast of mainland Italy and white sandy beaches adorn its 1,800 km coastline. The interior of the island features vast stretches of uncontaminated nature.  More


Italian schools for foreigners in Italy are an important resource for the country, not only for the promotion of the language but also culture, tourism, business and the “Italian brand” around the world. Pintadera is a founding member of the LICET Schools (Lingua Italiana, Cultura e Turismo) Association.  More


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Jason Baxter (USA)

I think Pintadera is the most friendly and the most accommodating school I have been associated with. The instructors are professional and dedicated. The standards of the school are very high, and the camp for the teenagers was excellently conceived and planned. I was delighted with the level of language instruction the girls received, and I was a little envious of the cultural opportunities made available to them.


Nicole Wilson (New Zealand)

Lessons are carefully planned and delivered by professional staff who are a constant source of support and encouragement. The classrooms are spaces filled with laughter and new friends. The after school excursions are engaging and fun, run by knowledgeable locals who are proud to share their culture and their home with visitors. Pintadera is more than a school.


Sharon Blomfield (USA)

Through Allegramente, our Italian improved greatly. Even more important, though, was how it equipped us to appreciate how fascinating Alghero and all of Sardinia are, among the most interesting of places we've ever visited. Without Allegramente, we would have understood so much less.