For those of you that fancy exercising your bodies as well as your minds, Alghero offers a wide range of sporting activities to suit every taste. Keep fit, enjoy yourself and try out your Italian on the locals all at the same time.

Pintadera, in collaboration with experienced local organizations, offers a wide variety of sporting and outdoor activities for you to experience in your free time. Discover the beauty of Alghero's coastline with a sailing course or the rich underwater wonders of the Riviera del Corallo on a diving course or why not explore Sardinia's stunning countryside on horseback.

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Group courses, five days a week from 15.30 - 17.30 departing from Alghero's marina.
Be sure to enrol in advance as you will need to bring a note from your doctor confirming you are in good health.

per week €200

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Private lessons with expert sailor Giovanni Manca on his Hobie Cat 16 catamerans at beautiful Le Bombarde Beach, just outside of town.

for five days (about five hours sailing plus 1 hour theory) €240

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The crystal waters of Alghero's Lido and Maria Pia beaches are the perfect location for beginners and experienced windsurfers.Courses in groups of max. 4 persons including full windsurf, wetsuit, life jacket, harness, insurance and beach-simulator.

1 day intro (2h from 15 to 17:00) €65
3 days (3 lessons 2h from 15 to 17:00) €170
5 days (3 lessons 2h PLUS 4h surf rental) €200

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Sardinia can still be considere a true surfers paradise. Its emerald green sea, deserted golden beaches and its relative isolation mean that surfers can discover for themselves that unique place with that unique wave that they can truly call their own. La Speranza and Porto Ferro are two fabulous "spots" near Alghero.

For those of you who have always wanted to surf, take advantage of the Sardinian sea  and give it a try.

90 min group lesson (including equipment, wetsuit and transport to Porto Ferro) €35
90 min private lesson (including equipment, wetsuit and transport to Porto Ferro) €50

Discounts for those booking more than 2 lessons.
Rental of surf boards for the more experienced surfer is also possible. You will need to bring a note from your doctor confirming you are in good health. 

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There are no official kitesurfing schools in Alghero, but there are nonetheless quite a few people who are passionate about this sport. We will put you in contact with these people so that you too, can go to the beaches where kitesurfing is done like for example, Porto Ferro, just 15km north of Alghero.

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A surf board and a paddle is all you need for this ancient Polinesian navigation technique which allows you to discover the crystal clear waters of the secluded coves in the vicinity of Alghero. SUP is a mix between surfing and paddling and is easy to learn. In regular surfing, you catch a wave and attempt to hop on the board while on the wave. Not so with SUP. Because the goal is simply to stand on the board and propel yourself forward using your paddle, flat water is a fine playing field for "SUPers" and there's no pressure to catch a wave.

including equipment and transport to spot €30
SUP rental per hour €10

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Navigate on the calm waters of Alghero's bay, explore the coast and discover secluded beaches by yourself or with company, fun is assured if you go by kayak.

  2h ½ day
Single Kayak €14 €25
Double Kayak €20 €35

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Alghero's Capo Caccia, with its underwater caves and rich sea life, offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean.

one day (one dive) €60
one day (two dives) €90
PADI scuba diver (3 days practice+theory, 2 dives) €250
OPEN WATER (5 days practice+theory, 4 dives) €350

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The Mediterranean Sea is full of all sorts of fish. Depending upon the time of year and on the fishing techniques you wish to use, you would have the possibility to go out and do some trolling or drifting, or you can do some deep bottom fishing looking for wreck fish, big eye snappers or amber jacks. Alghero is also a hot sport for off shore trolling for giant tunas and white marlins.

for a full day's fishing including all equipment €180

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Sardinia's Francesco Cubbeddu says that paragliding is the best way to change perspective. Let yourself be freed from the force of gravity by the wind that is so abundant in Sardinia.  There's a wonderful site on the hilltops south of Alghero from where you can soar with the thermal wind to the edge of the coast, above the turquoise sea and land right over La Speranza beach.  This is one of the most spectacular flights in Sardinia.

for tandem flight with licensed expert from La Siesta to La Speranza Beach €100

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For those of you not familiar with the term, a "via ferrata" is a protected climbing route, usually found in the Alps, whereby a steel cable runs along the route and is fixed to the rock every 3 to 10 meters. The southern most via ferrata in Europe is the Via Ferrata del Cabirol at Capo Caccia. It is not particularly difficult, placed so that your feet are almost always on narrow exposed ledges. The environment and view out onto the sea and the drammatic coastline render this ferrata absolutely unique.

access free of charge, ferrata kit rental €20

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There is no better way to experience Sardinia's breathtaking coastline and rugged hinterland than by going out hiking. For those of you who love the outdoors, our expert guide can show you the trails in the vicinity of Alghero. Weekend excursions to the East Coast are also possible.

1/2 day €20
full day €35
weekend excursion (sleepover in tent) €80

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For lovers of nature all year round, explore the countryside south of Alghero in the midst of olive groves and the Mediterranen "macchia". You can go on guided trekkings or take private lessons.

special rates for 1/2 day or full day excursions    €25/h

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Tennis courts available in both the town center and at the Maria Pia Tennis club near the Maria Pia beach just north of Alghero.

Private lessons 1h €35

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Pintadera students are welcome to attend yoga sessions in a yoga center in town.
During the summer months yoga lessons are organized on the beach at dawn and dusk.

per 1,20h yoga session €15

If you are interested in one of the above mentioned activities, we recommend you let us know when you enrol at Pintadera. The prices above may be subject to change. Payment for the chosen activity is to be made directly to the respective organizer and not to Pintadera.

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sailing in sardinia, sailing in alghero
Sailing towards Capo Caccia
Segeln in Sardinien
Sailing lessons
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Giovanni Manca on his Hobie Cat
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Surfing in Sardinia Surf Alghero Surfing in ALghero
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SUP excursion near Capo Caccia
Surfing at Marinedda Bay Sardinia
Surfing at Marinedda Bay
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Kayak excursion near Capo Caccia
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Scuba diving at Capo Caccia
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A big red snapper
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Paragliding towards La Speranza beach
Via Ferrata del Cabirol Alghero
Via Ferrata del Cabirol
Via Ferrata del Cabirol Alghero
Via Ferrata del Cabirol
Hiking in breathtaking Sardinia
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Horseback riding excursion
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