AllegraMente – for those on holiday

Italian students at fish market
Stroll around Alghero Old Town


For shorter stays, we offer the weekly AllegraMente program

Our special late afternoon/early evening course was specifically created for holidaymakers who want to better know the people and town of Alghero and acquire an introduction to the Italian language. It constitutes a proven and celebrated intelligent enhancement to the joys of an Alghero vacation.

The course concentrates on transmitting basic notions of Italian to aid and enrichen communications with locals in restaraunts, bars and shops. AllegraMente offers insights into the Sardinian (and Mediterranean) way of life.

AllegraMente is structured with the first 30-45 minutes staged in a classroom where the day’s new vocabulary words and expressions are introduced. Thereafter, the class ventures forth into town and practices what it has learned. AllegraMente is a course in continual evolution, with a finger on the pulse of what is happening in Alghero. Upon request, the course may be tailored to your personal interests and needs.

You may begin this course any day of the week with a minimum of 2 participants.

COST: €180 (approximately 10h)