We, at Pintadera, endeavor to make the learning experience as inspiring as Alghero itself. Our teachers are energetic university graduates, chosen for their teaching ability as well as their engaging personality. From the start, we take classes out of the four-walled classroom and onto to the vibrant streets of Alghero. We target all five senses during lessons - not only do you listen to and speak Italian, but you eat, drink, smell, breathe and, as experience suggests, gradually absorb and become, in deepening measures, Alghero, Italian and Italy itself. Many surprised and grateful Italian students have remarked during and immediately after the Pintadera experience that they’ve enjoyed brief but unforgettable dreams set in Alghero and spoken in Italian.

Pintadera offers a full range of Italian language and culture courses tailored to your interests and abilities. We remain eager to discuss our rich menu of learning possibilities with you either prior to your deliberated course selection or your course commencement in Alghero...or how about, right now? Please, feel free to write us today with any questions and thoughts.

Incidentally, the Italian spoken in Sardinia is a pure form of Italian and so, you are guaranteed to develop a pronunciation that you can and will use confidentially throughout all of Italy.
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Lingua A, B, C - Italian language courses

The heart of Pintadera’s Italian program is the Lingua group language course with a maximum enrolment of 8 students per class. The lessons are normally divided into two parts with a different teacher guiding each segment. The first part emphasizes Italian grammar and structure. The second part focuses on the application and exercise of these linguistic rules in real life settings.

Pintadera offers three basic levels of Italian proficiency - Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Absolute beginner classes generally begin the first Monday of every month. Intermediate and Advanced learners may start on any Monday, and depending on student circumstances, may enjoy the liberty of beginning on other days.

Pintadera does not employ standard Italian textbooks but instead produces its own class and take-home materials which are modified to the particular interests, abilities and needs of the group. This method has proven most effective in teaching adults who come to us from different backgrounds and who respond most favorably when treated in a way that is personally significant.

Pintadera carefully selects readings from Italy’s most celebrated poets, play-wrights and novelists. Wide varieties of current-event materials such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasts are used in the Pintadera learning experience. Together, the student is enlightened to valuable Italian cultural, historic and contemporary perspectives and supplemented with improved linguistic and communicative skills.

At Pintadera, we love to teach and we promise, you'll love to learn. We offer three distinct levels of group courses:

Lingua A - Elementary (A1 / A2) - "Contatto e Sopravivenza"- for those who have very little or no knowledgel of the Italian language.

Lingua B – Intermediate ( B1 / B2) - "Soglia & Progresso"-for those wishing to improve their existing knowledge of Italian grammar and vocabulary and to strengthen their speaking and comprehension skills

Lingua C – Advanced ( C1 / C2) – "Efficacia & Padronaza" – for those with a formidable grasp of Italian grammar who wish to refine their written and oral skills

We also offer private lessons upon request.

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CILS Certificate

Pintadera language school is officially authorized by the University of Siena as an exam center for the CILS certificate. The Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera or CILS) is a qualification offered by the Foreigners University of Siena for foreign speakers of the Italian language, recognizing various levels of language proficiency. Pintadera offers a special CILS Package to prepare students for the CILS exam.

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Cultura - cultural courses

Sardinia is the cradle of a civilisation which is thousands of years old, a wild and varied landscape with rocks carved by wind and time into extraordinary shapes. Its unique culture can be seen in its folklore, festivals, celebrations, costumes and in its famous hospitality.
Learning Italian allows you to enter fully into this culture and way of life.
Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera promotes alternative ways to learn Italian, offering a wide range of cultural encounters in the afternoons.
Our Cultura course features 3 afternoon events, taking place inside and outside the classroom, each one on a different theme. Each week we propose three of the following activities:

Alghero - Walled-City
Discover the ancient city, through the history and architecture of the old town center.

The Nuraghic Civilisation
History and archaeology of the region: the prehistoric settlements like the Nuraghic village of Palmavera, the burial chambers of Anghelu Ruiu and the Nuraghe of Sant’ Imbenia. The lesson focuses on the mysterious origins of the Nuraghic people, their development and their equally mysterious disappearance.

The Dark Side of Sardinia – Banditry
The origin of banditry in Sardinia from the Spanish colonial period up to the end of ‘classical’ banditry. The link between the isolation of the island and criminality, and the culture of vendetta and kidnapping.

Carneval (Mardi Gras)
Discover traditional ‘Carnevale’ and its ancient origins, which in towns such as Bosa, Mamoiada and Ottana has roots both in paganism and in the conversion of the local people to Christianity. In other places traditional festivals, such as Oristano’s Sartiglia (Joust), originated in medieval times at the height of the power of the Sardinian Judges (Giudicati). Discover with us the many fascinating faces of Sardinia’s Carnevale, from the vibrancy of the horses in the Sartiglia at Oristano, to the irreverence of Tempio, and the ancient strangeness of Bosa.

The Rites of Holy Week
The theatricality of the Passion in the week before Easter is evident all over Sardinia. It is a unique and moving experience, where centuries old Spanish traditions mingle with local mystical religious customs, from Palm Sunday to the evocative rituals of s’iscravamentu o desclavament.

Sardinian Cinema
Discover Sardinia through the distinctive vision of Sardinian film directors: Vittorio De Seta, Giovanni Columbu, Salvatore Mereu, Gianfranco Cabiddu and  others.

Coral, Alghero’s red gold
Alghero’s coral is known to be among the most exquisite in the Mediterranean, famous both for its solidity and above all its ruby red colour. We will visit the local coral workshops.

Sardinia is rich in raw materials, and has developed a handcraft culture that is known and appreciated worldwide. Let’s discover together this world of textiles, ceramics and metalwork.

A journey through Italian music from the 70s to today. Alghero's musician Claudio Gabriel Sanna will perform for you with his wonderful singing voice, and on guitar, and will speak to you about the historical context in which the songs were written.

Italians are famous throughout the world for the vibrant gestures which often accompany their words. Learn with us what Italians are really saying with their hands.

Vie del Gusto (Sardinian flavors)
Discover a variety of distinctive Sardinian flavors outside the school - cheeses, salamis, cakes, desserts and culinary curiosities - as we wander from the market stalls to the typical local shops.

COST:  €75 for three of the above activities

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AllegraMente – a vacationer’s delight

For shorter stays, we offer the weekly AllegraMente program, our special late afternoon/early evening course for holidaymakers who want to better know the people and town of Alghero. The course concentrates on acquiring basic notions of Italian to aid and enrichen communications with locals in restaraunts, bars and shops. AllegraMente offers insights into the Sardinian way of life and makes learning an active and edifying holiday joy.

AllegraMente is structured with the first 30-45 minutes staged in a classroom where the day’s new vocabulary words and expressions are introduced. Thereafter, the class ventures forth into town and practices what it has learned. AllegraMente is a course in continual evolution, with a finger on the pulse of what is happening in Alghero. Upon request, the course may be tailored to your personal interests and needs.

You may begin this course any day of the week with a minimum of 2 participants.

COST: €180 (approximately 10h)

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Buon Appetito – Italian cooking

Italian cooking begins, as always, with quality local produce, typical to each region. Its distinctive flavors are achieved by using the best ingredients the land can grow, assisted by the Mediterranean climate and the unique characteristics of the local soil.

The Chef will welcome you into her own home where you will cook together, outside in her courtyard, under her watchful eye. The ingredients used for this course will be dictated by the season and will always be top quality, from our trusted local growers.

The course concludes with a dinner, at which you can unwind whilst enjoying the dishes prepared together with your fellow participants, all accompanied by good wine and the warm hospitality of your hostess and her family.

We propose one cooking session a week, and require a minimum of 5, max 10 participants. The course starts around  16:30/17 and finishes around 22:00. An enjoyable evening is guaranteed!

COST: €60

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Cin Cin – wine tasting

Wine is one of life’s pleasures but for real appreciation, it helps to have some knowledge of its colors, flavors, smells and secrets.

Pintadera’s Cin Cin takes place at one of Alghero's restaurants, with Giuseppe Izza, president of Northern Sardinia’s D.O.C. Wine Commission. Giuseppe will speak to you about the history of Sardinian wine, including the ancient varieties grown by the Nuraghic people, while you sample and enjoy a diverse range of wine flavors.

Our tasting session will include a minimum of four wines, all of them exclusively Sardinian. The course offers the opportunity for a pleasant discussion on the world of wine. These meetings are always stimulating and interesting and the group often continues on into dinner with a special menu proposed by the restaurant hosting us.

We try to organise this session once a week, from 18:00 to around 20:00 with a minimum of 5 people.

COST: €35

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Arte a Parte – drawing and painting

Let yourself be inspired by the magical light of Alghero and become artists…

Alghero’s  young and talented artist Nina Trudu has created an “art lounge” in town where she welcomes students of all ages and they explore together drawing and painting techniques in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Pintadera’s students are welcome to attend these lessons and Nina will guide you in finding the creative process most suitable to your needs and preparation. The group meets several times a week in the early evenings for 1h 30min sessions.

COST: €15 per meeting inclusive of artist materials.

Alternatively, weather-permitting, Nina organizes late afternoon lessons in the historic center, exploring the architecture of the Catalan old town. At the end of the guided tour  you choose a place where you can draw or paint a corner of Alghero under the expert guidance of Nina.

COST: €30 for each meeting of 2h 30min.

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O’ Sole Mio – singing lessons

Everybody’s voice deserves to express itself to its full potential. The aim of this singing class is to draw out “the voice” in you. You will become familiar with the principles of vocal hygiene, you will learn to sing within a range suitable to your voice. The teaching technique consists of exercises to improve flexibility, energy flow and the coordination of breathing with sound articulation.

The lessons are individual and will be tailored to the characteristics of each person. The repertoire will be chosen together with the teacher, who will accompany you on the piano.

COST:   €110 for three lessons of 1h
             €160 for five lessons of 1h
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Uno, Due, Tre – Italian for children

During the summer months, Pintadera offers an Italian language course for children. One course is held  in the late afternoon and is available to children between the ages of 6 and 14. Simple vocabulary, notions and phrases are provided and practiced most often in the context of a game.

Private tuition for your kids can be organized at your home in  Alghero. All our teachers are experienced in working with children.

COST: €150 for 10h (min 3 participants)

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Other Courses

Cued to temporal opportunities and current events in Alghero, an ambitious variety of educational activities and experiences are offered to Pintadera students while they are registered in school.

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Lingua group courses 1 week €280
A – elementary          2 weeks €480
B – intermediate 3 weeks €650
C – advanced + week €150
- Italian and Sardinian culture courses 6h/wk €75
- for vacationers (min 2) 10h/wk  €180
Buon Appetito     
- Italian cooking class  5h  €60
Cin Cin     
- Italian wine tasting  2h €35
O’ Sole Mio     
– singing lesson  3h €110
Arte a Parte    
– art, drawing and painting 1,5h €15
Uno, Due, Tre    
– Italian for kids 10h €120
Private lessons 1h €40

Those not enrolled with Pintadera for Lingua or AllegraMente are charged €10 more for the other courses.

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Italian in Italy
Encounters in Alghero
Italian class is fun
CILS Certificate of Italian language in Sardinia with Pintadera
❝To have another language is to possess a second soul.❞
Necropoli di Anghelu Ruju  ALghero Sardinia
Carnevale in Sardegna
Italian cinema at Pintadera
Pintadera music lesson
Pintadera class on Italian gesticulation
Pintadera cheese tasting
Pintadera visit to fish market
Pintadera Italian Language School in Alghero Old Town
Pintadera Buon Appetito Italian cooking class
Pintadera wine tasting
Pintadera Italian wine tasting
Art class Pintadera Alghero Sardinia
Sunset in Alghero Sardinia
Pintadera singing class Alghero sardinia
Italian for kids Pintadera ALghero Sardinia
Italian for kids
Pintadera culture class