Italian culture class

Our every course, be it language or culturally-orientated, involves organized activities exploring the Sardinian way of life including first hand investigations of local customs, traditions, food and wines. We also investigate the most current and interesting themes in Sardinia's science, arts and cultural expressions. Our school is guided by a warm and welcoming staff that is qualified in educational instruction and keenly sensitive to student needs. Our teachers are distinguished college graduates selected for their teaching ability as well as their enthusiasm, motivation and warm, engaging personalities.

Whichever course you may choose to join, you will become part of our community.

Our Italian language and cultural courses are an integral part of a broader project. We promote activities that lead to an intercultural exchange. To this extent, language is of vital importance as it communicates ways of life, habits, traditions.

Pintadera's courses and itineraries are such that different cultures meet and understand one another. Affinities and divergencies create new points of growth in those involved.