Nach zwei Wochen in der Sprachenschule „Pintadera“ in Alghero kann ich dieses Institut nur wärmstens empfehlen. Es gibt ja unzählige Einrichtungen dieser Art, und viele von ihnen lassen im einen oder anderen Punkt, manchmal auch in mehreren, zu wünschen übrig. Pintadera nicht. Die Schule, in einer romantischen Altstadtgasse gelegen, vermittelt schon rein äußerlich einen soliden und seriösen Eindruck. Das setzt sich im Inneren fort. Keine beschädigten Wände und Türen, ordentliche Möbel, freundliche Unterrichtsräume. Entscheidend ist natürlich letztlich die Qualität des Unterrichts. Nach meinen persönlichen Erfahrungen, ich habe in den zurückliegenden Jahren mehrere Sprachschulen dieser Art in verschiedenen Ländern besucht, ist Pintadera in dieser Beziehung eindeutig in der Oberliga einzuordnen. Die Lehrkräfte, es handelt sich ausnahmslos um Frauen mit akademischem Hintergrund, der sich nicht auf Sprachvermittlung beschränkt, sondern auch Geschichte und Kultur umfasst,  sind fachlich, aber auch didaktisch äußerst kompetent. Mit viel Geschick überbrücken sie auch die Problematik unterschiedlicher Sprachkenntnisse, wie sie sich im Gruppenunterricht nicht immer vermeiden lässt. Ihre Herangehensweise, gestützt auf dem Sprachniveau der Kursteilnehmer angepasstes Lehr- und Lernmaterial, ist sehr motivierend. Grammatik, um die – gegenteiligen Versicherungen mancher Veranstalter zum Trotz – kein Lernwilliger herumkommt, wird nie zur öden Paukerei, sondern lebt von anschaulichen Beispielen und lebensnahen Texten, wie Auszügen aus Zeitungen oder Literatur. Dabei kommt der Humor nicht zu kurz. Das gilt vor allem für den Konversationsteil des Unterrichts. Selten habe ich beim Lernen so viel gelacht und beim Lachen so viel gelernt. Was unabhängig von all dem natürlich ganz wichtig ist, soll hier nicht vergessen werden: die Freundlichkeit und Hilfsbereitschaft aller Angehörigen der Schule, ob Lehrkräfte oder Management! Man findet immer ein offenes Ohr und jede mögliche Unterstützung. Ich freue mich schon jetzt darauf, bei Pintadera wieder einmal, vielleicht schon im nächsten Jahr, zu Gast zu sein. Ciao!

Ingo Kober
Landau - DE / ikober@web.de

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Dear Nicola and Angela and everyone at Pintadera,
I wanted to write to you to thank you again and recommend this school to anyone who is considering learning Italian, who wants to experience the Sardinian lifestyle or who just wants an amazing holiday!  Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera changed my life!!! This may sound a little dramatic but it is true!

About 4 years ago I had had enough of my 9-5 life in London and dreamed of going to Italy. I wanted to learn more about the culture, try all the gorgeous food (and wine) and of course learn the language. I emailed a few schools asking for advice. I told them that I wanted to leave my job and come to Italy for a month or more but was really nervous about going alone and not knowing ANY of the language.  However, all I got sent back was application forms, it all seemed a bit cold and formal so I started to think it was a bad idea.

It wasn't until a google search came up with Pintadera that I had even considered Sardinia and it wasn't until I had emailed Nicola that I decided to take the plunge and go to Alghero and do a one month course at the school.  Nicola was so helpful, Pintadera was the only school that actually listened to what I wanted to achieve by coming to them and when they heard that I was looking into the possibility of staying longer they were unbelievably supportive and helpful. I had absolutely zero Italian but Nicola, Angela and the teachers were great. It was a really relaxed and friendly teaching environment and everyone helped each other. The focus was on communication and 'reallife' language which was exactly what I needed. Going to the markets, cafes and the town really helped me remember all the key phrases and vocabulary you need day to day.

While I was there I made great friends from the school who I am still in touch with now. It helped that Pintadera had lots of different activities to sign up to. The boat trip was fab!  We spent weekends on road trips to see all the beautiful beaches and scenery too. It's a stunning and truly unforgettable place.

I stayed at the school for a month but even after my month was up, Nicola and the school continued to be a of support and helped me to stay longer, even on my miniscule budget! I had a brilliant room looking out to sea at Maria Grazia’s house which Pintadera set up for me. She was really kind and generous introduced me to lots of different people in the area.

Pintadera gave me the confidence to continue living in Italy and I actually ended up staying a year in Sardinia teaching English.  I'm now a qualified English teacher in Asia but my heart will always be in Italy and Sardinia and I know I will go back one day.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my time at Pintadera or after. I hope your time there will be as memorable as mine. Divertitevi!

Claire Blueitt
England (now living in VIetnam and teaching English) / cblueitt@gmail.com

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C’era una volta un nascondiglio in un piccolo paese, che in silenzio, parlava con le pietre eterne, con gli inesperti fiori.

Le parole sognavano di essere lette ed io giocavo a prendere il volo con loro.

Le preposizioni diventavano chiarificazioni sottili della verità e le congiunzioni, capricciose, univano istanti con ricordi, il mare con il caldo, ed i tempi verbali diventavano soltanto uno.

In tal modo, la vita percorreva ogni colore, ogni profumo, ogni immagine viene concepita come una intuizione omnipresente.

Abbracci, risate, tanti cavilli per la testa, mancanze, presentimenti, timori, passioni…

Tutto ci poteva stare in questo rifugio linguistico, racchiuso nell’enigmatico simbolo di una pintadera.

Juande Blasco
Zaragoza, ES / blascojuande@gmail.com

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“My son Julian, a sophomore in high school, was having some difficulty with Italian. We began a thorough internet based search for options to enable him to improve his grammar and language fluency. Despite the distance, we decided on an overseas language school and chose Pintadera in Alghero, Sardinia. We contacted Nicola and immediately felt completely at ease that Julian would benefit, gain competency and confidence, and have a fantastic time to boot! Nicola was instrumental in arranging sailing and cooking classes which Julian still talks about almost a year later. In summary, Julian had a fantastic time, enjoyed idyllic Alghero, and now has a 90 in Italian! We have nothing but the highest accolades and strongly recommend Pintadera for beginners as well as advanced Italian speakers!”

If you wish to contact Marlene, please request her email from Pintadera.

Marlene M.
New York, NY USA

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"Pintadera offers a fantastic and highly personalized service. Both Nicola and Angela really care about their students, taking their time to welcome them not only to the school, but to Alghero itself. I came to Alghero on my own but after some time at Pintadera, had made lots of friends and felt at home in the town. What to say of the atmosphere? It is intimate, friendly, and fun. I have been to other language schools but Pintadera school certainly stands out for its personal touch,  for the people who work and the students who go there."

Tom Helm

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"What a wonderful way to become part of a city and a community and a learning environment. The people we studied with became our social connections. The school was so incredible that I went back a second time.  If I could, I would go annually and insure that my Italian was "perfetto."
See Midge's blog: www.nonnasmulberrytree.com

Midge Guerrera
New Jersey, USA / midgeguerrera@gmail.com

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"Jim and I have to tell you again how much we enjoyed Alghero, Pintadera and all the wonderful people we met there. We were very glad that you speak English. And, we're glad too that Angela doesn't (or so she pretends). Through Allegramente, our Italian improved greatly. Even more important, though, was how it equipped us to appreciate how fascinating Alghero and all of Sardinia are, among the most interesting of places we've ever visited. Without Allegramente, we would have understood so much less.

Special thanks to Alessandra for her excellent teaching skills - she made Italian almost easy for us. Also many, many thanks to Maria Rosa for the clear information she presented about Sardinian crafts. My friends are amazed by the pieces of jewelry that I bought and by the history that they represent. Without Maria Rosa, we would never have learned all of that. Could you please tell her also that we speak often of her husband's restaurant and its good food, but most especially of the kindness that Vittoria and Gigi always showed us. It is a very special place. Perhaps she can also tell Vittoria that she inspired me to learn to make panna cotta. It was a great hit at our most recent dinner party."

Please see the article that Sharon Blomfield wrote for the Boston Globe.

Sharon Blomfield
Waterloo, Ontario CAN / sharon@blomfieldimages.com

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"Alle donne della Pintadera – è stato una aventura meravigliosa, incredibile. Ho imparato tanto, però non solo questa lingua bellissima ma anche delle cose culturali, sociali, personali... Tutte queste cose rimaneranno perché sono diventate parte di me. Porto anche parte di voi con me in Canada. Per tutto questo vi ringrazio e spero che ci rivediamo. Con Amicizia..."

Michele Provost
Michèle Provost - Quebec, CAN / provostmi@hotmail.com

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"Frank and I had a marvelous time here in Alghero. The option of having language lessons while visiting was what drew us here. We have so many rich memories from such a short time - it makes it sad to leave. We plan to return and spend more time with lessons and one day we will 'parliamo italiano' molto bene!"

cindy fratto
California, USA / clfratto@charter.net

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"Benvenuto a Pintadera:
sai che sei al posto dove hanno “il potere” di farti imparare la lingua allo stesso tempo che ti troverai fra amici che ancora non conoscevi? La magia è nata qui.
Veramente l’azzardo è da parte tua, ma fino ad arrivare qui non lo sapessi!

Adesso è la tua responsabilità approfittare l’opportunità e non lasciarti perdere: il tramonto di Alghero, la spiaggia delle Bombarde, le risate con Angela e tutti i momenti indimenticabili che avrai con le tue professoresse e tuoi compagni, che diventeranno i tuoi amici, davvero!"

Chelo Gundin
Chelo Gundín - A Coruña, ES / chelogundin@edu.xunta.es

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"Io sono greca; quindi, Neptuno e il mio bisnonno e so che le piace mescolare le alghe con il suo tridente, l’abitudine dei dei, mettersi nella vita dei mortali. Così un bel giorno d’estate, Neptuno ha creato un mulinello grande, in cui sono entrate diverse alghe da diversi paesi, e hanno cominciato a ballare in cerchio, come il cerchio della vita. Nel centro c’era il simbolo tondo di una pintadera sarda, quella che ci ha riuniti nel suo ballo mitico e magico. Ma com’è capriccioso, Neputno pronto si annoia e toglie il suo tridente dell’acqua per andare a giocare con qualche delfino, o perseguire qualche naias (=ninfa degli acqui). Così le alghe cadono al fondo del mare, aspetando la seconda volta, il secondo ballo della pintadera. Io ci pregherei a Nettuno.
Grazie per due settimane meravigliose!"

Crisa Bania
Crisa Bania - Atene, GR (ma vive a Madrid) / crisa.bania@gmail.com

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Dear Angela and Nicola,
I apologize since this email is long overdue (and I probably should be writing it in Italian-though I want to throughly express my gratitude and appreciation appropriately, which may be lost in translation).

I attended Pintadera in August for two weeks. My purpose for attendance was not solely for vacation, but also for improving my proficiency in preparation for an oral exam I had this past fall. I am happy to say that I not only passed the language exam with flying colors, but I also took a bit of Sardinia and Pintadera with me when I returned home to the U.S. I want to full heartily thank both of you for such a wonderful experience, which I will cherish and reflect on for years to come. Not only was the staff wonderful, and diverse, the activities and living situations really allowed long-time friendships to flourish. My roommate of two-weeks (Klazina) and I still keep in touch, and both look forward to our next language immersion experience in Italy. Though the schooling was very effective, and thought provoking, what I want to specifically thank you and your staff for is the shaping and framework of the language learning experience. I not only learned Italian grammar and conversation fluidity, but I also and most importantly learned to appreciate the small things, and focus on life,,,not just work. During the wonderful sailing trips my class took throughout the time I spent at Pintadera-I was able to reflect on the simplicity of conversation, enjoying the scenery and my company, and reflecting what is truly enjoyable and important in life. During my time in Sardinia, we did not live lavishly, but tranquilly and enjoyably. I came to Pintadera to better my Italian, and I ended up leaving with the knowledge of how to better my life. Thank you so much for allowing this wonderful experience to happen. Your special school embedded in the magical town of Alghero will stay forever etched in my heart.
Dina M. Poma

Dina Poma
Dina Poma, Washington DC, USA / dmp63@georgetown.edu

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"Era un'avventura meravigliosa. Grazie per tutto. Ci sentiamo. Con affetto Tollak"

Tollak Ollestad
Seattle, USA; Groningen, NL / tollak1@yahoo.com

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"I had a ball with Pintadera. The apartment was perfect. Nicola and Angela as well as my teachers were passionate, interesting, interested, skilled, intelligent, kind, sensitive, sweet, humorous and lotsa, lotsa fun."

Stefano Nicastro
New York-Philadelphia, USA / nonchiaro@aol.com

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Das erste Mal kam ich zu Pintadera weil es so praktisch war: eine Schule am Meer, Flughafen in der Nähe und weil Sardinien so schön sein sollte. Das zweite Mal bin ich gekommen, weil ich beim ersten Mal die tolle Atmosphere und die grossartigen Menschen bei Pintadera sehr genossen habe - und natürlich sind Sardinien und Alghero toll. Angela und Nicola machen aus der kleinen Schule eine Familie für uns Schüler - Sie bringen die Leute zusammen auch ausserhalb des Unterrichts. Die grossartigen Lehrer machen den Unterricht lebendig und lassen das Urlaubsfeeling auch im Unterricht aufkommen. Mit „italienisch lernen“ werde ich immer Pintadera verbinden. Keine Frage ob ich ein drittes Mal kommen werde - CERTO!

Jana Dalichow
Deutschland / janadalichow@gmx.de

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D’une pierre deux coups

Je connais la co-fondatrice de l’école Pintadera depuis 40 ans, même si nous nous sommes perdus de vue pendant des décennies. Nous partagions déjà un intérêt pour l’Italie, où nous avons essayé l’un et l’autre de vivre. J’ai évoqué devant les enfants l’Italie où j’ai conduit leur mère avant de l’épouser. Et aussi cet intérêt pour la langue italienne que je tiens de mon père et de mon grand-père paternel. L’an dernier, qui sait comment, l’idée a émergé de laisser partir mon fils à Alghero pendant les dernières semaines de préparation du baccalauréat. Il apprendrait l’italien le matin et pourrait se concentrer sur les révisions le reste du temps. Sa sœur cadette a tout de suite eu très envie de l’accompagner, mais il n’était pas question de la laisser sécher ses cours de première. Mon fils est passé par Toulon et a pris le ferry pour Porto Torres. Il a effectivement suivi des cours pendant deux semaines à l’école Pintadera et en revenant, il nous a dit qu’il faudrait absolument retourner là-bas ensemble. Cette année, il a séjourné en Chine pour y consolider ses connaissances linguistiques du mandarin, mais à ses heures perdues il a continué d’apprendre l’italien par plaisir. Désormais, la cadette était en terminale, mais il ne s’agissait plutôt de trouver une destination pour se retrouver en famille à l’occasion de l’anniversaire de ma femme. Alghero convenait parfaitement et la cadette pourrait par la même occasion suivre des cours d’italien à l’école Pintadera de la même manière que son aîné. L’idée leur a tellement plus qu’ils ont organisé dans la foulée un séjour de leurs amis parisiens, prolongeant ainsi leur présence en Italie. La ville d’Alghero est sympathique pour les jeunes gens et mes enfants ont trouvé rapidement des amis. Ma fille est tellement charmée qu’elle prétend vouloir revenir avec certitude à Alghero pour y finir ses jours. Quant à moi, j’ai constaté que l’apprentissage de l’Italien, qui sait pour un Français, tient de la brasse ou de la bicyclette : même quarante ans plus tard, on conserve les automatismes, à défaut de la cadence mélodique caractéristique que l’on hésite un peu à singer. Il fait bon aller en Italie pour ne pas en rester aux informations politiques qui nous parviennent de là-bas. L’Italie reste l’Italie, la Sardaigne est un pays à lui tout seul. Et l’école Pintadera et bien plus qu’une école de langue. C’est une plateforme d’activités, de convivialité, ancré au beau milieu de la vieille ville. En ou hors saison, l’école Pintadera est la solution pour les jeunes adultes qui veulent joindre l’utile à l’agréable, apprendre l’italien pour mieux l’utiliser dans leur découverte des plaisirs de ce pays. A Alghero, grâce à l’école Pintadera, ce séjour devient un souvenir marquant pour toute la vie.

Jonas Tophoven
Paris, France

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Ingo Kober (DE)
Ingo Kober with student group
Ingo Kober with student group
Le Bombarde Grill Party
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Claire Blueitt
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Juande Blasco
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Midge Guerrera
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