Dina Poma (USA)

I attended Pintadera in August for two weeks. My purpose for attendance was not solely for vacation, but also for improving my proficiency in preparation for an oral exam I had this past fall. I am happy to say that I not only passed the language exam with flying colors, but I also took a bit of Sardinia and Pintadera with me when I returned home to the U.S. I want to full heartily thank both of you for such a wonderful experience, which I will cherish and reflect on for years to come. Not only was the staff wonderful, and diverse, the activities and living situations really allowed long-time friendships to flourish. My roommate of two-weeks (Klazina) and I still keep in touch, and both look forward to our next language immersion experience in Italy. Though the schooling was very effective, and thought provoking, what I want to specifically thank you and your staff for is the shaping and framework of the language learning experience. I not only learned Italian grammar and conversation fluidity, but I also and most importantly learned to appreciate the small things, and focus on life – not just work. During the wonderful sailing trips my class took throughout the time I spent at Pintadera I was able to reflect on the simplicity of conversation, enjoying the scenery and my company, and reflecting what is truly enjoyable and important in life. During my time in Sardinia, we did not live lavishly, but tranquilly and enjoyably. I came to Pintadera to better my Italian, and I ended up leaving with the knowledge of how to better my life. Thank you so much for allowing this wonderful experience to happen. Your special school embedded in the magical town of Alghero will stay forever etched in my heart.

Dina M. Poma