Sharon Blomfield (Canada)

Jim and I have to tell you again how much we enjoyed Alghero, Pintadera and all the wonderful people we met there. We were very glad that you speak English. And, we're glad too that Angela doesn’t (or so she pretends). Through Allegramente, our Italian improved greatly. Even more important, though, was how it equipped us to appreciate how fascinating Alghero and all of Sardinia are, among the most interesting of places we've ever visited. Without Allegramente, we would have understood so much less.

Special thanks to Alessandra for her excellent teaching skills – she made Italian almost easy for us. Also many, many thanks to Maria Rosa for the clear information she presented about Sardinian crafts. My friends are amazed by the pieces of jewelry that I bought and by the history that they represent. Without Maria Rosa, we would never have learned all of that. Could you please tell her also that we speak often of her husband’s restaurant and its good food, but most especially of the kindness that Vittoria and Gigi always showed us. It is a very special place. Perhaps she can also tell Vittoria that she inspired me to learn to make panna cotta. It was a great hit at our most recent dinner party.

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