Italian language schools for foreigners are, essentially, real ethical ambassadors: on the one hand, they promote the country to foreigners, and on the other, they offer Italians the immense privilege (a privilege which these Italian schools experience every day with their own students from all over the world) of being able to look at Italy through the eyes of “others”: and as such, becoming a lens through which to see how our country and its place in the world really look from the outside.

The LICET Schools (Lingua Italiana, Cultura e Turismo) Association came about through a need for individual schools to connect with each other and work together, large or small, to overcome the ‘institutional invisibility’ experienced over the last ten years by many centres whose focus is on teaching Italian and cultural tourism. Each school, while maintaining its independence and its own particular identity, is part of a vast political and cultural framework for the promotion and the spread of the Italian language and culture throughout the world.

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera is a founding member of Scuole LICET.