Settle in Sardinia

Sardinia unspoiled nature and space
"Sardinia is out of time and history" DH Lawrence, 1921

Sardinia has space for the soul to roam

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera offers not only Italian language courses. We welcome and assist those that wish to settle in Sardinia for a longer period of time. We know the town, we know the people, we can help with logistics like finding the appropriate accommodation and we know how to navigate the local bureaucracy.

Our long-term course for residents, January 2020
We will help you settle in Sardinia, while you learn to speak Italian with us and gradually become a part of our community.

Italian citizenship by descent

Those with Italian heritage have a leg up in gaining citizenship in Italy. If you have a parent, grandparent, or even great-great-grandparent who was born in Italy, then you may have the right to Italian citizenship by descent, on the principle of jus sanguinis (Latin for “right of blood”). Check with your Italian ancestors to see if you qualify, you need to be able to prove it, and there's a lot of documentation to gather. We can assist you in the process, steer you in the right direction and once your documentation is in place, you can apply for citizenship in Italy.

When you apply for citizenship by descent, you are not required to learn Italian but regardless of where you apply, you will be interviewed by an officer who is Italian. Although the meeting is focused on reviewing your document portfolio, showing that you are making an effort to learn the language of your ancestors will be appreciated.

Italian citizenship application in Italy
Peter C. celebrating becoming an Italian citizen in Alghero
Of course if you apply in Alghero, we will be on hand to assist you. Once you have all your documentation in place, we recommend a stay of four to six months in order to learn Italian, finalize the process and receive your Italian passport. We can assist with the translation of your foreign documents into Italian.

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