Punta Giglio

Sardinia is an island of extraordinary beauty.
It lies in the heart of the Mediterranean off the west coast of mainland Italy and white sandy beaches adorn its 1800 km coastline. The interior of the island features vast stretches of uncontaminated nature. Low Mediterranean vegetation in exotically varied colors and scents alternates with forests of century-old trees unique to Sardinia. Springtime offers a special treat as the hills alight with the blazoned yellow of our gorse bush groves.

Nuraghe Santa Cristina

Historically, Sardinia has been en route for the most important civilizations of the Mediterranean. Different cultures have dominated this land for centuries, leaving remnants of their lifestyles and local traditions. The first traces of man date back to the lower Paleolithic period. The native Nuragic civilization (from 2000 BC until the Roman invasion of 238 BC) has left an inheritance of over 7000 “nuraghi“ (round stone dwellings) scattered all over Sardinia.

DH Lawrence in “The Sea and Sardinia” wrote in 1921 that “Sardinia is left outside of time and history”. To an extent, this is still true today.

Sardinia is an island once visited remains indelibly in the heart.
We invite you to come and see for yourself!