Exercise your body, not just your mind

Alghero offers a wide range of sporting activities to suit every taste. Keep fit, enjoy yourself and try out your Italian on the locals all at the same time.

Pintadera, in collaboration with experienced and trusted organizations, offers a wide variety of sporting and outdoor activities for you to experience in your free time. Discover the beauty of Alghero’s coastline with a sailing course or the rich underwater wonders of the Riviera del Corallo on a diving course, go snorkeling in the Porto Conte Nature Reserve, or hike Sardinia's stunning Punta Giglio. Just let us know what you would like to do and we will put you in touch with the people that can make it happen!



Snorkeling is a very popular and easy sport for people of all ages. Try your skills in the waters of Alghero.  More
sailing course sardinia, segeln in sardinien, Alghero activities Pintadera


Sail in the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy the wind, the water, the challenge, the harmony. Sailing lessons in groups and individually.  More
Windsurfing Alghero Lido Maddalenetta strong wind Sardinia surf


The waters of Alghero’s Lido and Maria Pia beaches are the perfect location for beginners and experienced windsurfers.  More
Surf Sardinia waves Alghero surf life

Wave surfing

Sardinia is a true surfers' paradise. Those that have always wanted to surf should try it here!  More
SUP stand up paddle Sardinia Alghero Pintadera activities

Stand up paddling

A surf board and a paddle is all you need for this ancient Polynesian navigation technique which also provides you with a full workout.  More
Kitesurf Sardinia Alghero Lido kitesurfing Pintadera activities


There are no official kitesurfing schools in Alghero, but there are quite a few people who are passionate about this sport.  More
kayak Alghero kayaking in Sardinia Pintadera activities kayak


Silently navigate on the calm waters of Alghero’s bay, explore the coast and discover secluded beaches by yourself or with company.  More

Scuba diving

Alghero’s Capo Caccia, with its underwater caves and rich sea life, offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean.  More


Neither sea, nor land... Paragliding is air. They say it's the best way to change perspective, certain is a sense of freedom.  More


Mountain biking by the sea Alghero Sardinia


Sardinia is a cycler's paradise. Customized bicycle tours available as well as rental for the independent explorer.  More
Yoga in Sardinia, Alghero yoga, Pintadera activities for Italian language learners


Our students are welcome to attend Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga classes in a yoga center in town.  More
Hiking Alghero, Trekking Punta Giglio, Parco di Porto Conte Nature Reserve Sardinia Pintadera activities


There is no better way to experience Sardinia’s breathtaking coastline and rugged hinterland than by going out hiking.  More
Horseback riding Alghero Sardinia Pintadera activities

Horseback riding

Discover Sardinia on horseback, admire the landscape, feel the wind and breathe deeply the scents of our land.  More
Maria Pia Tennis Alghero Sardinia, Pintadera activities


Tennis courts available near Maria Pia beach just north of Alghero at the Alghero Tennis Club.  More
Via Ferrata del Cabirol Alghero, Activities Pintadera

Via Ferrata

A “via ferrata” is a protected climbing route, whereby a steel cable runs along the route and is fixed to the rock every 3 to 10 meters.  More