Buon Appetito – cooking class

Pintadera Italian cooking course
Making fresh pasta

Sardinian cooking = quality local produce

Sardinia’s typical intense and distinct flavors are the product of our rugged land kissed by the Mediterranean sun and sea. Our tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini, peppers, melon and watermelon are wonderful during the summer months, our fish always fresh from the sea.

Our chef will welcome you into her own home where you will cook together, outside in her courtyard, under her watchful eye. She has family who are farmers and fishermen and, rest assured, the ingredients used for this course will be dictated by the season and will always be top quality, from her trusted local suppliers.

Pintadera Italian cooking course
Paella all'algherese

The course concludes with a dinner, at which you can unwind whilst enjoying the dishes prepared together with your fellow participants, all accompanied by good wine and the warm hospitality of your hostess and her family.


1 class for Pintadera students € 60
1 class for those not enrolled with Pintadera € 75


We propose one cooking session a week and require a minimum of 5 participants. The course starts around 16:30/17:00 and finishes around 22:00. Food allergies and special requirements need to be communicated in advance.

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