Home stay single room

Pintadera will help you find a place to stay in Alghero. The prices depend on the type of accommodation, length of your stay and the time of the year. Our offerings include:

Private homes - family stays

With the opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic Sardinian life, share the home of a local family that has been carefully evaluated and selected by Pintadera. This arrangement includes breakfast and possibly other meals.

Private apartment terrace with a view

Independent flats

With the opportunity for complete independence and of accommodating a longer stay. Studio flats and larger apartments are available, catering to the single student or to those of you traveling with friends or family.

Room with bunk beds and balcony

Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts

With the opportunity for independence and that customary special care.

Please be aware that due to the fact that Alghero is a town visited by many tourists during July and August, accommodation prices may be considerably higher at that time of year.

Please contact Pintadera for a quote, specifying the type of housing you desire and your budget preferences. For your general information, below please find a guideline for approximate prices:

Accommodation prices in Alghero

Cost per week
Private homes
Single room with breakfast € 220 – 350
Single room with 1/2 pension € 300 - 350
Independent flat
Occupancy one person € 250 – 750
Occupancy two persons (per person) € 150 – 500