Jason Baxter (USA)

on our Teen Summer Camp

In the summer of 2021 we spent six weeks as a family in Alghero. My wife and I took private classes at Pintadera, and my two teenage daughters participated in the summer immersion class. As a college professor, I had previously studied in at least a half dozen different cities in Italy, and I have to say I think Pintadera is the most friendly and the most accommodating school I have been associated with. The instructors are professional and dedicated. The standards of the school are very high, and the camp for the teenagers was excellently conceived and planned. I was delighted with the level of language instruction the girls received, and I was a little envious of the cultural opportunities made available to them.

They learned to sail, visited Bosa to kayak, explored grottos, hunted down remote beaches, rode the public bus system, went shopping, spent an evening making pasta, learned how to spot real coral from fake, and, most importantly, made friends from all over Europe. And given that Alghero is a safe and charming town, we felt perfectly comfortable letting them walk back and forth to their school and various activities. I cannot recommend the kind and gracious people at Pintadera enough.