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Alghero, considered by many to be the most fascinating town on the island,

is situated on the northwest 'Coral Coast' of Sardinia. The town was founded by the Genovese Doria family during the first half of the 12th century. Because of its strategically important position, in 1354 the Counts of Barcelona conquered the town and Alghero was repopulated by people of Catalan-Aragon origin. This domination lasted over four hundred years and is clearly visible in the architecture of Alghero’s intriguing old town and in the locally spoken dialect.

Protected on three seaward sides by great stone bastions and guarded to the land side by a series of stone towers, Alghero’s churches and small squares are nodes in a network of narrow, cobbled streets.

Alghero today is a bustling little town which offers more than just beautiful white sandy beaches and emerald waters. Our unique history, traditions, architecture, and evolved social diversity hosted by an enticingly mild climate and all the comforts of home make Alghero a fascinating place to visit all year round.

Of special interest are the Easter celebrations, clearly of Spanish origin, during which a series of elaborate processions and rituals culminate on Good Friday with the deposition of Christ from the Cross.

During the summer season, when the town welcomes visitors from all over the world, Alghero enjoys a seductively fun outdoor nightlife in its many “piazzas”, waterfront bars and al-fresco restaurants. The town stages a rich summer cultural program ranging from encounters with contemporary authors and debates, to slide projections, recitals, musical shows, as well as contemporary and classical dance productions.  For those who prefer a quieter vacation, classical music concerts are held in the cloister of the 15th century San Francesco Church. Concerts are also occasionally staged in Neptune’s Caves at Capo Caccia.

During December Alghero is decorated to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. The old town, in particular,  becomes the stage for theatrical performances which involve the spectators and those just strolling through town.  The colors, scents and sounds of art exhibitions, concerts in the Cathedral and Cloisters, street musicians animate the old town in a festive spirit, culminating on New Year's Eve with concerts in the squares and fireworks in the marina. Festivitites continue until Three King's Day on January 6th.

Alghero is a beautiful place to spend time all year round.